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Marketing and Sales are NOT the same thing!
A common misconception is that marketing and sales are the same process.  Though they DO play off of each other, marketing is the process that precedes the sale.  In marketing the goal is to create a feeling about your company, a knowledge of your service and a platform for a salesperson to launch from.  Marketing communications often have a “call to action” for the client or consumer and then it is the responsibility of the sales person to “close the sale” and bring in the money.  Marketing and sales work together.

There are many parts and facets of a brand and a marketing strategy.  With many, many years of varied marketing experience, the Hint Of Feisty team is well equipped to assist you in implementing all of the marketing pieces that make sense for your company in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.  This will allow you to close the sale with confidence and your client will walk away without fear or buyer’s remorse because they KNOW you…from the gut.­­

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You have rebranded an organization and given life to something that was nearly dead.  Hint Of Feisty helped identify the purpose of what we do and, in the process of rebranding, you brought clarity through strategic development and conversation which resulted in program development and financial fruit.  You have brought identity to me as the CEO of the organization and have allowed me to love my brand. Thank you!


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