There once was a girl that wanted to change the world. Her parents told her that she was a leader, smart and beautiful. She chose to believe them. And so she set out to conquer the challenges placed before her. Many years and mountains, successes and failures later, the woman has come to a new challenge: Build a team, build a company, that helps leaders and entrepreneurs transform their image and clarify the message of their companies in order to take them from good to GREAT! Hint of Feisty is born.

Why?  How did it begin?  The woman and her husband had become successful entrepreneurs.  They partnered together to build an engineering company through at first a depressed and uncertain economy and into a wildly prosperous economic atmosphere.  He brought his mathematical talents and she brought her love and knowledge of marketing and together they made magic. Now, the couple had an acquaintance.  This person does absolutely amazing and courageous work in taking care of girls rescued from sex trafficking in the United States. Yes! Sex trafficking in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Unfortunately, the organization’s name was lackluster, their website was boring, and money to help these girls merely trickled in.  This was unacceptable.  Hint of Feisty was invited first to a donor discussion and then invited to a strategy meeting in which decisions were made that called for a total rebranding of the aide organization.  Hint of Feisty assisted with choosing a new name and tag line, hiring a design team for a new logo, developing a new website, identifying the target market in order to write better messages, putting in place search engine optimization tools and encouraging strategic marketing plans.  All seemingly mundane business tasks.  BUT….through all of the planning and seemingly cosmetic changes the aide organization had transformed from “almost dead” to a multimillion dollar nonprofit in less than 12 months.  Girls are being freed from sex slavery and now have the safety to heal and see their captors convicted.  They get food and clothing and schooling and they get to make their own choices for the first time about things as simple as what to eat for breakfast.

The aide organization didn’t change their service and they didn’t change their processes.  With Hint of Feisty’s help they simply changed their IMAGE and clarified the MESSAGE.  THAT is why marketing is important and THAT is why we do what we do.